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On a post about suicide booths in Switzerland.

2021.12.05 04:26 DoctorTurkelton On a post about suicide booths in Switzerland.

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2021.12.05 04:26 TahmBench69 Getting ads every 45 seconds

Getting ads literally every fucking few seconds on the YouTube app wtf stop playing with me
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2021.12.05 04:26 whirlingfrost What's this sparrow? Salinas, CA

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2021.12.05 04:26 Pentheud Ocean Tweet Coordinator

Many AI investment tools use Twitter to analize sentiment in terms of number of (positive) tweets and likes.
If you like spending time on Twitter, you can influence $Ocean's sentiment. Come here and read pinned messages:
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2021.12.05 04:26 2ndtheburrALT cursed_bondage

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2021.12.05 04:26 Cougar_Music My new kick edit :D

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2021.12.05 04:26 BeneficialAd2266 Join the WE LOVE NUDES! Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 04:26 Commercial_Basil_674 help. how do i apply for accommodations as an intl student?

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2021.12.05 04:26 aleksbanks5 First was missing one from set, second is one I found in my randos, what do you guys do? Get right piece or make it work???3rd is what it’s supposed to look like

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2021.12.05 04:26 AJD_JK Tickets For Jaden x Selfridges

I got lucky enough to get two tickets for the event next Friday, I’m from the Netherlands so I bought train tickets and everything, but now I can’t go anymore because of the new covid measures. So I’m selling them, lmk if anyones interested.
Also. sorry for selling instead of just giving the away but I’m trying to get some money back I wasted on the train tickets.
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2021.12.05 04:26 The_V0ice What if this post is just because I'm lacking attention and social interaction.

I found a rock.
The actual what if is,
"What if you where honest with yourself"
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2021.12.05 04:26 WarLord1187 For Henry

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2021.12.05 04:26 Edward-Margon Moroccan Spiced Chicken

Moroccan Spiced ChickenWith Moroccan spices, chicken rises above the ordinary. Although pricey, saffron is a unique flavor that infuses food with a taste sure to delight. If there are any leftovers, the broth makes delicious soup.
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2021.12.05 04:26 No_Abbreviations4274 MoonRocket 🚀 | Stealth Launched 30 mins Ago | Dev Active in VC | BUSD Rewards | Huge Marketing | Long Term Goals

1.Why MoonRocket? 🤔

2.Future Development 🔮
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Buy/Sell Tax (10%)
4.Roadmap 🚀
Phase 1:
⁃ Website Integration
⁃ Stealth Launch in October
⁃ Begin First Marketing Campaign
⁃ Slow and Organic Growth
Phase 2:
⁃ 3rd Party Audits
⁃ Community Giveaways
⁃ 1.5k Holders
⁃ Massive Burn
⁃ CoinGecko Listing
Phase 3:
⁃ NFT Artist Partnership
⁃ Development of Moon Rocket NFTs
⁃ CMC Listing
⁃ Celebrity Influencers
Phase 4:
🔒 Liquidity locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xb130c6AF78c503E32a45eB5941B91f909f3b54A5
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x46c65c22b127ac20a4096d1f937146020889b77c
CONTRACT: 0x46c65c22b127ac20a4096d1f937146020889b77c
RENOUNCED OWNERSHIP: https://bscscan.com/token/0x46c65c22b127ac20a4096d1f937146020889b77c#readContract
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2021.12.05 04:26 colako Weird color scheme, only 2% differences between regions.

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2021.12.05 04:26 Super_Accident5649 buy a class engine or i class engine from market!!

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2021.12.05 04:26 Express_Ad3313 I don't know what rock this is and it's driving me crazy!

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2021.12.05 04:26 Critical-Initial6428 NBA Youngboy And Lul Tim Hop On Clubhouse To Get Spicy With Females

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2021.12.05 04:26 DivineBanana Heart of the Omelette: Stats not revealed until flipped face up.

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2021.12.05 04:26 BrightyQuid We demand quarters! A million allowances worth of quarters!

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2021.12.05 04:26 sephrrr About today selling, wat do u think???

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2021.12.05 04:26 nedemekbuisimalinmis ilk defa soru cevap

Google'da arattığın son şey seni öldürecek. Nasıl ölürdün?
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2021.12.05 04:26 seekthegiant I keep saying the wrong words and writing the wrong things down. Could this be a sign of something?

For the past five days or so, I've been saying the wrong things or misspelling words (horrendously) or writing the wrong words down. For example, I was just writing in my journal and spelled December as "Dember" and last night I wrote November (which I haven't messed up the months during the transition to December at all yet). I also have texted my friends things that were completely not what I meant, such as mixing up times or forgetting to put a word in the message. I feel like I have general forgetfulness right now.
I will say I am very exhausted and stressed since this past weekend, but stuff like this has never happened to me before. I have finals coming up and have been pushing myself to the limit as far as work and extra things. I've been getting an average of 5-6, occasionally 7-8, hours of sleep at night, which is somewhat my normal. Although forgetting things once in a while is normal, this does not seem normal to me, and I feel like it's worth asking around if this could be a sign of something.
I appreciate any advice given or any subreddits that could be better fit for my question.
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2021.12.05 04:26 IAmTheLetterF He's not allowed to drive because he's _______.

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2021.12.05 04:26 AnnoyedFooker My friend got pissed off at me, because I wanted him to understand why his GF broke up with him

For starters, my friend always demands that I be 100% honest with him, even if it might hurt his feelings. He literally gets angry when he thinks I'm not being completely honest with him.
With that said, my friend was going on this huge rant about his ex girlfriend, as he always does every time we hang out together. I had to listen to him rant about her for like 2 hours straight, making himself sound like some kind of moral god in the situation whereas she was just some untrustworthy lying bitch or something.
He was telling me about the night they broke up. They were walking home late at night and it was snowing outside, and for some reason he wanted to lay in the snow. So he plops down in the snow, and his girlfriend is getting upset with him because it's cold outside and he won't get up out of the damn snow. The fact that his girlfriend was upset with him about that made him angry, so he continued to lay in the snow as some type of passive aggressive move, while she was pleading for him to get out and walk home with her. Eventually she just gave up and walked home by herself. He referred to her as a bitch and a cunt for walking away on him and leaving him "all alone" while he was laying in the snow, as if it made her totally heartless. She broke up with him. Like I said, the whole time he's making himself out to be absolutely perfect as if he did nothing wrong, completely oblivious to why he made her upset.
After dealing with his "I can do nothing wrong, I am God" bullshit attitude for so long, I finally decided to speak my mind and say "dude, you were literally laying in snow and you wouldn't get up and walk home with her, can you really not see why she walked away on you?" I'm not in the business of validating people for doing stupid things, even if they are my friend. He then got super angry and defensive, telling me that I "just don't get it" and that I pissed him off. I say "you tell me you want me to be honest with you, and then you get mad at me when I am".
He then called me an asshole, said our friendship is over and that he's done with me. He was literally screaming at me, so I started yelling at him back and calling him an asshole. It was a huge fight.
I don't know. Did I do the right thing? Or should I have just kept my mouth shut and validated him even when I felt like what he did was seriously wrong?
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