r4868 35d7h e7t3r szsi6 r5drb edyfi zzbyr 9hhbd thaa8 rst84 nnys5 z28f6 h5sin 8izek 43z53 thfbe 9ryt8 kdyhi ntd75 t5be9 r72a2 LF Lucky Egg : FT 5IV Magikarp(Jolly) or Chimchar(Naive) |

LF Lucky Egg : FT 5IV Magikarp(Jolly) or Chimchar(Naive)

2021.12.05 04:12 bladezofficial LF Lucky Egg : FT 5IV Magikarp(Jolly) or Chimchar(Naive)

Name your lacking IV :) Can't guarantee female chimchar if you want a specific 5IV spread, but I have 5IV females if you aren't going to be picky about it.
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2021.12.05 04:12 Zoro-San359 Sauce

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2021.12.05 04:12 Additional-Author-84 Old Situationship Help Pls!

I think about the guy who I cut off because he wanted a fwb/friend even though I’m with my bf. He was good until he wanted to renew on committing and I put up with it at first but I became fed up and it got so hard for me to tried to be his friend. We were friends and I didn’t like him but I fell in love. He came in strong and then pulled back. (Nver had s3x) But not before I fell in love. It really hurt but we never talked about it. He apologized though. He asked me to talk about it after he started to see me pull away and I ignored and cut him off (sudden block) because I didn’t want to admit my feelings just for them to be unrequited/friend zoned but I always have wondered what would have happened. I blocked him and in a few weeks got back into relationship with my now bf who was then my ex bf. Didn’t heal. Now I*67 and hang up, I think about texting him out the blue. I just still feel guilt even though he hurt me and I don’t wanna hurt current bf b/c I do love him. Thoughts advice? Be candid and thx in advance.
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2021.12.05 04:12 iknaythewizard Would you take biological immortality(eternal youth) with the drawback of having to kill someone each month?

Penalty for failing to kill someone each month results in instant death.
View Poll
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2021.12.05 04:12 12ave More AI Artwork of our boys.

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2021.12.05 04:12 f1arenix How do you be better? Is there any hope?

I am 22 years-old and I'm not necessarily suicidal, but I feel like there is no hope for me to change. I have had a lot of trauma in my life and several mental health issues that cause daily struggling and interfere so much with any progress I try to make. I can't drive, I can't work, I struggle so much with interacting with people, I have become such a defeatist that I'm terrified of trying anything new or doing anything that scares me, or to try anything again that I've failed at in the past (working, driving, college, etc) Every medication I've been on (can't even count how many at this point) have not helped, therapy hasn't helped either (I feel like I need someone to help me get my life together not to just listen to me talk for an hour). I feel like I am running out of time to heal, to be better, to succeed, to have a good meaningful life. I am very sedentary and obese and that doesn't really help my overall state of wellbeing either. I don't really have any friends besides my boyfriend who I live with. My hobbies don't bring me joy anymore and I'm too afraid to try something new in fear of failure. I want to be better, I really do. My whole family abandoned me pretty much and I can't even blame them, in their eyes I'm a stupid miserable failure who needs to get over their issues just like everybody else and just do the things that need to be done. And I've tried that, over and over again, and failed. I'm scared to live and scared to die, so I feel trapped and stuck. I'm at my boyfriend's family's house all day everyday, I pretty much just wait for him to get back from work or wait until he's off work when he works from home. I rely on him for everything and I know it's not healthy but I genuinely don't know how to change or be independent at all. We love each other but he's often told me he feels more like a parental figure to me than a partner, and we both know if we broke up or something happened to him I would be in a very bad situation. I know there's probably no hope for me at this point, but i figured it worth a try asking someone. I'm sorry if this comes off across as very bleak, I just want hope. I just need to know if it can get better, or how I can start making things better. This isn't even close to all of what has happened in my life but it paints the picture well enough I suppose. I just feel I have no purpose or reason to be here. Thanks to anyone who responds, I am open to people messaging me.
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2021.12.05 04:12 UndesirablePickle Better to buy these crashes or DCA weekly?

Just had a thought and I was wondering if it would be better to either:

  1. Pool money I would have spent weekly on crypto and save it and then throw all that money in when these crashes happen.
  1. Dollar Cost Average on a weekly basis with the same amount (e.g. €50 per week).
I know this subreddit loves to scream DCA every time but thought I’d see if anyone with better math and trading knowledge would be able to help me figure this out.
I’m terrible at both so struggling to figure it out.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.05 04:12 fargito1017 Main

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2021.12.05 04:12 AstroLion540 How to use custom sliders when playing MyLeague Online against a friend?

Me and my friend have a myleague online together and we want to play a game against each other but aren't sure if we can use custom sliders to make it a little more fun. Anyone have a solution?
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2021.12.05 04:12 pesochrisss trading all! (swipe)

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2021.12.05 04:12 lefayad1991 What do Rexy's dream of when they take a little Rexy snooze?

What do Rexy's dream of when they take a little Rexy snooze?
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2021.12.05 04:12 haur234 Pain in my dream.

A while ago i had a dream where i was bitten by a dog and felt pain in my dream. It was mild but definitely felt it.
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2021.12.05 04:12 shinyjetsyndrome In my yree

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2021.12.05 04:12 kfsilver89 My character tier list

This is my tier list I judged each character by their design, character arc, bond episodes, their importance, and what the add to the main plot.
Dishonorable mention: The Melone twins had so much potential and were forgotten and ignored. This is simply bad storytelling and aside from the Court Mort boss battle… is the reason I can not give this game a perfect score.
D Joe: Yuito’s dad barely had a role in the game. I have no interest in his character.
C- Gemma: a grown man going through menopause. This boomer makes me depressed for my future. He has interesting bond episodes and he’s not a poorly written character, but I just simply dislike him. His SAS is pretty much only useful against Court Mort and to stack on top of Tsugumi to practice her shell break and Read Attack.
C Kaito: Yuito brother and an annoying thorn on everyone side with his one dimensional thinking. A simple antagonistic politician.
C+ Luka: the worst Septentrion and the most boring bond episodes which consists of him talking about his insecurities and his struggles with his inferiority complex as a dud and a younger brother to Karen. Unlike Tsugumi, he tries to improves himself in all the wrong ways and it’s quite disheartening. His SAS is annoying and clashes with my own playstyle but is necessary to move forward in many maps.
C+ Fubuki: his story doesn’t get good until towards the end of the game but not enough to savage his character arc. But I am interesting enough to see more of him.
B- Seto: a good character who I wish I spent more time with. I would love to see more of him if there are DLC’s with him in it. He has a short lived character arc but impacted a lot of lives in the story.
B Hanabi: not a very interesting character but is hands down the most pleasant addition in the platoon. Love interest of Yuito and also is interesting how she deals with her own family issues. Looking at the glass half full, I do hope she’ll be in a sequel and standing next to Yuito as she is in this game. Her SAS is useful but isn’t as versatile as Shiden’s stun.
B+ Arashi: Lazy Ara is probably the funniest character in the game and has the most entertaining bond episodes. Very loyal to her friends and it is cute how her personality can switch so easily in front of crows. Her SAS time limit is her biggest downfall but very useful for depleting enemy crush gauges.
B+ Kyoka: Her character arc is very interesting. She strives to have a real family and is the glue of team Kasane that helps with everyone to stick together. With lots of twist and turns in the story, I’m satisfied by how the writers dealt with Kyoka’s most important character arc. Her SAS only gets better with each time the bond level increases and helps mowing down enemies.
A- Alice, Nagi, and Naomi: three characters that are important to the three major characters. I have nothing else to say except I got emotional whenever these characters were involved unlike Yuito’s dad Joe.
A- Wakana: mother comes in to save the day. Great parents in video games or in anime never really happen often. She truly was a breath of fresh air.
A- Shiden: hands down the most annoying character in the game. I didn’t care for him for most of the game. My first playthrough was as Kasane and the only thing I liked about him was how he said, “WHAT?!?!,” whenever the other characters shut him up. However, it all changed with the final bond episode as Yuito when they watched a lightening storm together. It showed that there is so much more room for Shiden to improve as a character and would love it if he’s in a sequel game that explores more of him. His SAS is second best in the game and his stun ability comes in clutch.
A Karen: a very interesting character that took a turn that Yuito and Kasane did not. He shows how important it is to open up and to bond with others instead of holding on to things and people in the past. I really enjoyed his character arc a lot.
A Yuito: it’s difficult to rate Yuito because you’re playing as him but from the bond episodes and the main story itself I caught myself being annoyed that he doesn’t change that much as a character since phase 0. But it’s his unwavering willpower that makes him interesting. How despite so much happening so quickly, he didn’t forget who he was and what he wants to change. He’s important to his platoon and he changed the people who was with him by just being himself.
A+ Kasane: honestly wish I could put her in S tier but because she’s a playable character, I think it’ll be cheap. Has the most growth out of all the characters. While Yuito was important to his platoon. Kasane’s platoon was like a family to her. With each character bonding with her and helping her understand more about the importance of having friends. She went from being indifferent to being one of the most caring characters in the game. I loved the final bond episode between her and Yuito and displays just how much he means to her when she gave him a gift. I also personally enjoyed Kasane’s aerial playstyle far more than Yuito’s playstyle.
Honorable mention: The Frazer twins. They are perfect for what they are to the story. Wish I saw more interaction between the both of them besides the one team bond episode.
S Daddy Kagero: hands down the most interesting character in the game. As my first play through as Kasane, his bond episodes always tugged at my heart strings and his goals and his resolve is so touching. I don’t think I’ll like the story nearly as much without him in it and has the best backstory in the game. His SAS is definitely 3rd best, and is definitely my goto when I want to eliminate a strong opponent.
S+ Tsugumi Nazar: while every character in the game has an issue or character flaw she’s the only one actively trying to improve herself the right way. The worst character in the game in my opinion is Gemma and I found his reluctance to find a hobby or even improve himself to be immature and depressing. Tsugumi is the polar opposite and is inspiring on how hard she tries to bond with people and even strengthening her own weaknesses as a character. My personal favorite bond episodes is her search for a white flower that Yuito mentioned about his childhood. It has absolutely nothing to do with the main plot, but her passion and her drive more than made up for it. She found a hobby in gardening and her shyness is only a cover to how assertive she really can be when she puts her mind to something. Even Kasane who hates small talk finds herself oddly interested in Tsugumi’s discussion about plants. I really hope there’s a sequel and she’s standing next to Kasane. Her SAS is by far the best in the game, her read attack and shell break is simply the best abilities. Once I got better at perfect dodge and recognizing enemies attack patterns I caught myself only using Tsugumi’s abilities at the start of every skirmish.
Do you agree with my list? I caught myself disagreeing with a lot of people’s list. Leave a comment on who’s your favorite character in the game. I gave the game 8.5/10. Definitely my favorite video game story in years, but because of the Melone twins, the Court Mort phase 10 boss battle, and the poor handling of the side quests. I can’t give it a perfect score.
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2021.12.05 04:12 iamnotabot7890 U.S. Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey pilots with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Africa prepare to land on the flight deck of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, in the Mediterranean Sea, July 6, 2016. [3830x2152]

U.S. Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey pilots with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Africa prepare to land on the flight deck of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, in the Mediterranean Sea, July 6, 2016. [3830x2152] submitted by iamnotabot7890 to navalaviation [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 04:12 Sweetishdruid This is what happens when you don't pet eevee.

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2021.12.05 04:12 No-Mango4840 does anyone have the link to '' a friendly conversation ''?

i need the link to a friendly conversation to see if '' this is k '' commented
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2021.12.05 04:12 SeungrisFanboy Iroh broke the Asian household rule. I fucking knew my needs to go down!! Siblings in Asian household expectation:zuko reality:Iroh

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2021.12.05 04:12 Unidragons74 teacher holup

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2021.12.05 04:12 Tippydaug Come join Class 2-C! The perfect discord for everything Toradora related, plus extra channels for general anime/manga discussion! Plenty more on the way as well :)

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2021.12.05 04:12 SanjanaSingh2 Verify

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2021.12.05 04:12 Advanced-Strategy230 n64 on wii

hello i have decided to mod my old wii? is there a way to play n64 on it I have the homebrew channel already installed, but i cannot get the two emulators from wiibrew to work ? thanks
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2021.12.05 04:12 LordSheev66 Christmas Family Feud Survey [Casual] (Everyone)

Hello everyone. This survey is just for fun because I want to create a family feud style game to play with family. If you choose to fill this out you can keep your answers short and simple. It Is 8 short answer questions but will probably only take a few minutes. Thank you and merry Christmas! Christmas Family Feud Survey
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2021.12.05 04:12 ItsWorkinOrange [USA-TX] [H] PayPal, Venmo, Cash [W] Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl digital code.

As title says just looking for a digital copy of one of the two new Pokemon remakes, thanks!
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2021.12.05 04:12 DiscoDave42 Did they use a specific version of "Funky Man" by Kool & the Gang when sampling for Smack my Bitch up. I cant find the correct section for the life of me

I'm trying to retrace their steps as a method to learn how to use Ableton and when trying to sample that song, the section seems to have too much trumpet and no guitar solo. Is there another version of the song or am I just missing the correct section?
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