Random crashes and frame drops despite good specs

Huawei MediaPad M5 10 Android tablet. Announced Feb 2018. Features 10.8″ display, Kirin 960s chipset, 7500 mAh battery, 128 GB storage, 4 GB RAM. This example payment is based on the listed product price of assuming a 36-month term and a 9.99% APR. Your terms may vary and are subject to application. Rates range from 0.00% to 29.99% APR. The official video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” was a global smash on its release in July 1987, topping the charts ... The following is a glossary of traditional English-language terms used in the three overarching cue sports disciplines: carom (or carambole) billiards referring to the various carom games played on a billiard table without pockets; pool, which denotes a host of games played on a table with six pockets; and snooker, played on a large pocket table, and which has a sport culture unto itself ... Coupled with 2GB of ram, the Adreno GPU leads to high frame rates in games. Apps are launching is not only fast, but also, you can have many apps running at the same time and not have lags. The battery capacity is quite good; it will last the whole day on average usage. The music play time is 54 hours. Cons. The battery does not have fast charge. I don’t mean like cheap tool stores show you the specs side by side, this actually IS the same sander. The parts are obviously all the same. This thing is actually made of the same parts in the same factory. Overall it is comfortable to hold, has good power, the dust collector stays on well and locks in place, but it is a little loud. Even without any pieces, a power armor frame provides a variety of advantages, like increased carry weight, greater melee damage and the elimination of falling damage.Fallout 4 loading screens The power armor frame is the basic exoskeleton unit required for all power armor models in Fallout 4. The West Tek internalized servo system is the standard chassis for all power armor series. Powered by ... Back in 1956, Ford Motor Company realized that there was a void in their selections of mid-size automobiles. General Motors could keep Chevrolet owners in their fold by offering a path of advancement to Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick and Cadillac, while the Plymouth owner could move up to Dodge, De Soto, Chrysler and Imperial. That sorts out the Telegraph timeout side of things, and images are being received reliably and in good time. However there is a deeper issue, which looks to be in the esp_camera library. It does not seem to like transferring larger amounts of image data from the camera. It works okup to SXGA (quality=8) as long as frame_size is still set yo UXGA. System Requirements: Whenever you purchase software or hardware for your computer, you should first make sure your computer supports the system requirements. These are the necessary specifications your computer must have in order to use the software or hardware. For example, a computer game may require you computer to have Windows XP or later, ...

2021.12.05 05:32 ritwique Random crashes and frame drops despite good specs

I am playing on am R7 5800H, RTX 3060 laptop.
While playing Pokémon Sword or BD, the FPS sometimes starts at 10-15 and then suddenly corrects itself and runs normally, at even 100+ unlocked. The games, especially Sword, often crash or freeze randomly too where I can't input anything, not even able to bring up the task manager.
Are these some known bugs or can I adjust certain settings to avoid this?
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2021.12.05 05:32 Lukethebaron Accidentally banned myself and now unable to host lobbies

I decided to ban myself as a joke and now am unable to load into games when I host- anyone know of any way to fix this or am i just fucked
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2021.12.05 05:32 00-Void How do you reach the goal in this level from today's Tower Trial?

ch5j4j0 | "A Nimble Double-Ascent" by LexLimbo @mp2pp9 | Simple, Package Jump https://levelhead.io/+ch5j4j0
I do the double ascent, I leave all clouds intact, and yet I see no way to reach the top platform with the Package. I even tried running, and that still wasn't enough height. I can technically reach the platform by shooting the Package downwards for extra height, but then I have no Package and can't finish the level. Help me, please!
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2021.12.05 05:32 AD4K The people responsible for administering urine tests for THC at my job regularly come in to work blazed out of their minds.

But because they're salaried, they don't have to do the tests.
I hate it here.
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2021.12.05 05:32 Difficult-Web4420 Anything similar to martial peak?

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2021.12.05 05:32 Cinderblock104 Japan's high population

What caused Japan to have such an huge population, both in total numbers and relative to size? Japan, unlike China, does not have a lot of land that is suited to agriculture and is also poor in mineral resource wealth. Yet it is the 11th most populous country in the world.
Did Japan always have a large population, or was there a runaway population explosion where people just started popping out as many kids as they could?
Case in point- at 130 million, Japanese people are the 2nd largest ethnic group in Northeast Asia after the Han Chinese. Koreans come in at 3rd at 75-80 million. Few of Northeast Asia's many other minorities such as the Ainu, Tibetans, Mongols, and Manchus even come close to cracking 10 million.
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2021.12.05 05:32 Henny199420 Grubhub driver app is broken. My verified but it keep asking me to login after I logged in. Can someone seriously help?

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2021.12.05 05:32 kaytiejay25 There,s a disaster do you grab your favourite thing or a rope and why?

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2021.12.05 05:32 Floor-Proof Santa Barbara e Marina Militare, un legame che resiste nei secoli

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2021.12.05 05:32 lockjacket Stevenson is a chad

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2021.12.05 05:32 Tall-March-4396 Are these normal idle temps for a 30L with water cooling?

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2021.12.05 05:32 OrvanBiktor Ferenc pápa a migrációról: Európát a nacionalista önzés tépázza

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2021.12.05 05:32 Loving_Fire IM SO EXCITED!!!

Hey guys i just had to share this with people who will understand my hype So when albedos banner came out i was heavily conflicteon wether or not i should pull i had guaranteed pity and I wanted itto(18 pulls away hard pity) long story short i caved and i really dont regret it. Well this morning i woke up and decided lets do a 10 pull why not i want a c2 bennet(i was at 2 pity from albedo wasnt super concerned) Well along came a gold let me tell you i was terrified i was like god no why ive wasted my luck on c1 albedo! Well guess what? IT WAS JEAN! IVE GOT GUARANTEED ITTO! Im super excited on top of that go ive got a cracked healer just super grateful for my luck.
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2021.12.05 05:32 lss_bvt_and_10 LssTest-ImagePost-19684

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2021.12.05 05:32 lonely-blue-sheep Okay a lot of people in chat were wondering this too: WHERE DID MICHAEL GO AND WHAT WAS SAM GOING TO DO WITH HIM NOW THAT RANBOO WAS DEAD??

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2021.12.05 05:32 ibs2pid You've heard of Elf on a Shelf. Now get ready for...

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2021.12.05 05:32 updogstaad I’m watching The Golden Palace and see a familiar friend of The Golden God

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2021.12.05 05:32 LazayASAP [Rap] Lazay - #BAMP

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2021.12.05 05:32 Happy_Difficulty_328 U7G hisense

Why is the south african version of the U7G not 4k@102hz???
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2021.12.05 05:32 Susaaaax Thinking about playing

Hello all, I recently learned more about Axie Infinity and I really like the game. Does anyone have any tips for me before I start playing and when do start playing the game? That would be very helpful! :)
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2021.12.05 05:32 MythicalHydreigon I want to go to a local, but I live in a small town.

I want to go to my first local but there's one problem, I live in a small town of 5,000 people. A couple months ago this wouldn't be a problem, but the guy who organized them stopped. I'm not sure if I should say the town I live, but I live in the southeast region of Missouri, about an hour from St. Louis. Also if it helps, I'm 14 years old. Thank you!!!
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2021.12.05 05:32 FeatureAlternative1 $40 Free Bitcoin for $100+ deposit (BlockFi)

$40 Free Bitcoin for $100+ deposit (BlockFi) BlockFi is a great banking alternative which pays you interest for saving your crypto with them. Particularly, their 8.25% APY for stablecoins is just wonderful. If you sign up using my referral link and meet their deposit requirement, you get a $40 bonus in bitcoin. That is their normal bonus amount $10 plus $30 extra specially added if the person referring is a current BlockFi Rewards Visa Card holder, which I am. (Please see images below)
To get the $40 BTC bonus,
  1. Sign up using my referral link found on this page.
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  5. Bonus payout occurs every second Friday of each month. So just leave your fund and wait.
If you're not sure if your referral code is entered correctly, you can check on your "Referral" page in the line that says "Referral Code Used". If the code is missing, contact support via chat and ask them to add it manually.
I have noted some more helpful information about this offer on this page. For proof of my BlockFi Visa Card ownership, please see this video. Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions.
Thank you for using my referral, in advance!

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2021.12.05 05:32 Fragrant-Gain-3698 Trade or selling genshin account

kazuha, ayaka, baal, hutao, kequing c1, jean, 3 5star weapond, almost full 4 star char( thoma, razor, yanfei)
trade offer: Zhongli, Albedo, and any other 5 star
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2021.12.05 05:32 Kweanb Made these baby booties for friend's 6 week old baby. They are huge A's fans!

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2021.12.05 05:32 diaryentrys might just kill myself opened up a can of worms I can't close

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