Feeding my homeless babies :)

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2021.12.05 05:52 billykillington Feeding my homeless babies :)

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2021.12.05 05:52 Special-Sky-9795 Are we gonna see a new trailer at TGA ? 🤔

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2021.12.05 05:52 heinaga1989 90% of this Subreddit as soon as ANY crypto drops for a bit..

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2021.12.05 05:52 HauntingTime3300 Does picking a server means you play only at that server?

If I pick a server, lets say European one, do I get to play in that server in matchmaking. Can't play in asian server because too many Chinese don't understand English.
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2021.12.05 05:52 Temporary-Spray9726 Help

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2021.12.05 05:52 Primary_Category_23 Aberdeen pig farm

As Arthur, I interacted with the Aberdeen pig farm couple and did not return before the end of chapter 6. Is there a certain time I need to return what was stolen or is it just gone, I assumed I could come back as John but the place seemed empty...
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2021.12.05 05:52 K2TsU- Don't break boundaries.

Rule 5, don't break boundaries.
Breaking an MCYT's boundaries may result in a ban from this subreddit.
If you wish to be unbanned or didn't know the MCYT had boundaries please message mods with mod mail (there may be mods that aren't my old accounts here in the future) and appeal your ban.
Breaking boundaries is not cool/funny, don't do it.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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2021.12.05 05:52 balsakthemighty My newest pyrography piece.

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2021.12.05 05:52 Careless-Exchange158 Having problem with structure

So i started drawing again I watched tutorial, tips even uses reference but i can't seems to get the structure right especially the face can anyone please help with it?
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2021.12.05 05:52 xSensenMann1 Reshiram Raid on me now

add 2401 4040 2201 or 0187 2118 9680
no comments needed just add
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2021.12.05 05:52 xalchymia Getting ready for King Crab stew

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2021.12.05 05:52 naskata513 🤷‍♂️

Крим руски ли е?
View Poll
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2021.12.05 05:52 eenyuheye8o8 Delete if not allowed Selling my aya

Selling my ayaneo light moon 2021 pro. 1100 shipped US.
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2021.12.05 05:52 chuck_napalm With all of the confusing in-game warnings, I have no idea what's safe to disenchant and what's not. Has Blizzard released in official info on this?

With all of the confusing in-game warnings, I have no idea what's safe to disenchant and what's not. Has Blizzard released in official info on this? submitted by chuck_napalm to hearthstone [link] [comments]


Offering you guys instant r3funds! Apple / Lenovo / Target / Amazon! Limits are above 9k$!
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Once I get the order r3funded, you pay me the fee for r3fund in crypto.
To place an order or questions, message http://t.me/MrMackeyRef Telegram
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2021.12.05 05:52 SergiusBulgakov The Void is Overcome

Sin destroys the unity of creation, establishing a nihilistic void in its wake; Jesus, the incarnate one, has come into the world to heal the damage of sin, the damage of the void: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/henrykarlson/2021/12/the-void-is-overcome/
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2021.12.05 05:52 VAYU3594 Donal Bisht

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2021.12.05 05:52 gomez154 The entire US economy😹

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2021.12.05 05:52 ryujin19988 Redness on hand and finger

Redness on hand and finger I have started noticing pinching feelings on my right hand, specifically on the top between my ring finger and pinky. it went away after about 15 minutes and would not come back for a few days. Today i felt this pinching feeling on my ring finger and it was stronger. It looked like the rash or whatever that is spread and multiple spots on my right hand has it. it feels like it's warm and painful a bit. as im typing this it's getting better but I am concerned because now my left hand is starting to have similar symptoms like when my right hand started developing this thing. any idea what this could be?
Middle of ring finger on the side, hurts and the part of skin that is red feels swollen as if it is a mosquito bite. red spots between pinky and ring finger, as well as index and middle.
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2021.12.05 05:52 ReplacementNo9256 Katiana Kay want...

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2021.12.05 05:52 ArchaliumxAereis Stuff i can offer for a veidreki

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2021.12.05 05:52 KucalsSammich I mean it could happen

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2021.12.05 05:52 Spencer_Richardson Am I the only one enjoying BO4 right now?

I recently dug up BO4 and started playing it since vanguard completely flopped. I've been playing the zombies maps and I feel like they are so much better than we gave them credit for back when they came out (Especially compared to what we have been getting recently). Just wanted to show some appreciation to the last zombies game that had heart and effort.
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2021.12.05 05:52 thisappcausesmepain Anger ran through my body as a tear ran down my client’s face, ruining the makeup I worked on.

Fear followed when I remembered I worked at a morgue.
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2021.12.05 05:52 Pokemon_go_sweat Reshiram raid. Add 0357 1625 6026 or 900600370940

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